Thursday, October 10, 2002

Hello hello hello! I'm in an exceptionally chipper mood today, having had an incredible night out last night and really good food today. Those friendships I've been cultivating have been blooming recently, and it's filling me with a warm glow [and giving me bad skin]. Last night, Ineffable and I enjoyed a particularly challenging meal of brown rice, chorizo and bacon. Having consumed huge quantities of health, my [new] pal Harley rang up and invited me out to dinner. In a particularly chivalrous [sic] moment, I decided to go. We ended up at Wagamama, where I sneaked most of the edamame off his bowl and into my belly, while drinking ginger and carrot juice. It's pretty rare for me to run off on the spur of the moment. Mummy and Daddy used to demand plans from me and, well, I've always been a good girl at heart. Anyhow, our thoughts turned to a friend who was ill, Breeze [by the way, in case no one gets it, these aren't really their names, it's just that I don't want to offend anyone and I particularly don't want them to realise it's me!]. We rang her up and she decided she was up for a night on the tiles [so much for anti biotics]. More excitement in my drear life! We picked her up and started driving the streets of London looking for a place to go when we randomly come across another classmate exiting a taxi. We decide to kidnap her, and she suggests Zeta Bar. On route, another friend rings and meets us there, and there we remain for the rest of the night and the start of the morning.

It's not very exciting, I know, but great for me since I haven't done anything like that since I left Singapore. Yes, yes, I know it's odd, but I was a lot more adventurous [Jesus, I jsut can't spell today] then. The idea that maybe I can have a lot of fun while leading a [reasonably] responsible lifestyle is mindnumbing. To those of you who know me, yes, I did make it to work with two hours sleep.

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