Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The ladies with the hotness are starting a new trend and I thought I'd jump up on that bandwagon by kicking this 2002 blog back into life... suffice to say...

I have nothing to say.

Most of the characters I can see from the 2002 posts are still a part of my life. Breeze and I don't see each other enough. Neither do Ineffable and I, who now live continents apart. Guy is the exception and shall now be termed "Missing Guy", who I haven't seen or heard from since 2003 when we broke up by the banks of the Thames. Breeze told me once he married Chang, which is actually laughable in the context of the names I christened them in the blog and the lifestyle we led. I'm no longer a student of any schools, but am literally now playing lead role in a drama with the working title of "At Desk From Seven: Generation X goes Y".

These days there are still a lot of girlfriends - boys are a little off-limits now that I am an official Honest Woman. Still, who has time for hot panting boys when there's so much fun to have with the girls? Until a month ago I didn't think it was normal for girls to dance around in their underwear to 80s rock tunes before midnight. How much did I miss in my youth?! Who needs Chang and Guy(s)... there were friends to be had!

Still, 2009 seems to be all about reforming and reliving. So far this year I've watched 90210, screamed my undying love to Joey McIntrye, attempted the Hoedown Throwdown (surely the modern day equivalent of Dirty Dancing now that chastity is cool), been to my High School Reunion (in a non-musical context) ... who knows what the rest of the year will bring? One thing's for sure though, you'll be the first to know.

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