Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

For some time now, the Hubs and I have been looking to move onto the next stage of our marriage. This does not involve videos and swings, or even pie-baking and quilt-making, but is as simple as a white picket fence and somewhere to hang our hats.

Did I say simple?

To date we have had our hearts broken, our finances argued over, and our expectations mismanaged. Largely between ourselves. Now, finally, it feels like we're almost there, and so I thought I'd start writing about the experience.

Last night, we viewed two properties, both of which are viable. The first is round the corner from our current (rented) place in an area called the Glebe Estate. We love the area and haven't been able to move for years as a result. The problem with it though is that, typically, the houses (which are Victorian cottages) are fairly small and hideously expensive. Thanks to various forms of financial wrapping and personal irresponsibility in the UK, though, they are now within reach. The second is about a five minute walk away, about a third bigger, but on a busy road. This road normally attained the same kind of prices as those on the Glebe Estate and we were surprised that it was being offered at such a good price. The problem is that it is an awfully busy road.

Dillema. If both would accept our offers what do we go for?

1) Perfect location, cute house
2) Questionable location but family-sized



ADub said...

family sized! the last thing you want is to finally buy this house and feel it's two small in a year's time. there are other places out there as well... not feeling holding out for a big house on a quieter road?

JamTam said...

Road was too noisy *sigh*