Saturday, October 10, 2009


Last night I went to a training event on Stress Management, run by Frances Hall of Corbar Consulting. I've always thought that I was a pretty laid back person. I generally love my life, and though I do think I work more than I should, I also party more than most. I sometimes overstretch, but this tends to be more because there's so much fun stuff to do than because I'm stressed. I've also always thought that I'm fairly self-aware. Imagine my surprise, then, at the results of a test, which I call "Are you bovvered?", because the scoring criteria was:
Scoring - 5 if bothered by this nearly all the time
- 4 if bothered by this rather often
- 3 if bothered by this sometimes
- 2 if bothered by this rarely
- 1 if never bothered by this.

Similar test (different scoring) here.

Anyhow, I scored 58 out of a possible 90, with 45 being a high score. Jeez! I was off the scale compared to the others in the room. I didn't expect that at all.

Then we had to rank what was stressing us out. Mine was
- alopecia (viscious cycle there!)
- new job
- old job (which I think may just mean job)
- house move
- weight (vicious cycle again!)
- friends
- debt
- spending (and again...)
- achieving

... all of which, I think, means I'm screwed! Everything is interlinked. Talk about the perfect paradox.

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