Friday, December 23, 2011

Little & Often

It has been absolutely ages since the last post, which is shameful, and I apologise to anyone who may actually read this. I would like to blame the baby, because he is the world's best excuse for anything (late to meet friends? Last minute poo. Unshaved legs? Have been spending time with the baby, who gives back more harumph. Late to work? Baby pooed in my hair), but this time it's all on me. I've been working hard at getting my life back to balanced, which means more of these:
Malteser and Toblerone martinis at V13 (photo is Resident Froggie's)
Dinner parties at Casa JamTam
Dinner at my favourite HK restaurant
Time at Angel's Share (photo is Resident Froggie's)

It feels good to get life back on track, even if in a compromised fashion. I can't bear to be away from RJ for too long, and only manage to survive work thanks to the wonder that is the ipcam. When I go out for a drink, I'm a two drink girl these days. After the time I had one whisky and RJ threw up after he was breastfed five hours later (surely unrelated), I haven't really felt the draw of a night on the tiles. Though there are times when I'm relieved to get away. Apart from breastfeeding being akin to being flayed (no joke), I've had some fairly strange low points. These have included poo in freshly washed hair following a projectile moment. Warm vomit into my mouth when I was playing with him after a feed. I am almost totally inured against bodily functions now. So goes parenthood.

Professionally speaking, things have been going positively. I had been concerned that losing braincells through my breasts would mean that I would struggle at work. Thankfully not, though it was touch and go for a little while when I seemed to be employing baby talk in meetings. In fact, my brain has recovered sufficiently well for me to look to further my education. If all goes to plan, I will be starting school just after RJ does. In fact, if all goes to plan, we will be relocating to Singapore and then starting school mid 2012. Finally! The Hong Kong waiting game is almost over.

In fact, I'm in Singapore at the moment. One of the advantages (?) of decent cable and television is that there is more inane television to choose from. My parents are currently obsessed with a particular show called "India", which is potentially worse for my braincells than breastfeeding. It is a Brazilian soap opera (apparently now referred to as telenovellas) that is set in India. The cast wear saris and say things like "arrey baba". It may well be the worst thing for India since poverty. Still, at least I get to watch X-Factor and speculate on Saula.

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