Saturday, September 28, 2002

So... This is turning out to be trickier than I thought. I can't seem to alter the template this blog is set on, although I have been promised assistance by my blogmaster housemate. I must admit to being a little half-hearted about it, though, since my long distance [hey, London to Cheshire is MILES!] boyfriend [my only boyfriend, I hasten to add] has come to visit for the weekend. He thought he'd surprise me by coming two whole hours earlier, but this backfired as I couldn't manipulate my exceptionally busy social schedule around this and ended up dragging him to my class party.

I've just begun at the College of Law a month ago, and am still in the whole get-to-know-you-without-waking-up-with-you stage. The class I'm in has the usual hotchpotch of people. Those I absolutely adore, those I have no desire to get to know but am civil to, and those who really get on my tits [totally metaphorically] but who for some reason think I adore them. There is a disproportionate number of international students, of which I am one, and a typical proportion of public school kids [it is law school after all]. I admit it, I do belong to the public school category as well, but only just. The class I'm in is actually pleasantly surprising. There are a few people in particular who I'm getting good feelings for. Stangely enough, they are mostly female. This, I do realise, isn't particularly strange, but those of you who know me well will know my views as to womankind. I think most girls are stupid, most women are false and that only a select few women can actually genuinely get along with all other women. It's like we're all bred to hate each other. Don't be offended, female readers, you don't know what I think of men and animals yet.

Anyhow, I'm really getting on with a few girls/women in the class, and I have high hopes. There are only two boys/men in the class who I think I could get on with, and so far so platonic - very good.

**Back to the story**
Having swanned around Paddington to pick up one of my best [male] friends, I managed to talk two classmates into picking up my boyfriend as well. This led to all five of us being just under three hours late for the party, which was actually a bonus since the classmates at the party were mostly 'maybes' in the will-we-ever-like-each-other catergory. The real magic was in the fact that by the time we got there, a fair amount of alcohol had been consumed on empty stomachs, and everyone was so drunk that we were life-long buddies. My boyfriend immediately launched into an amicable arguement about Queen, and I started chatting up every pulse in sight.

The food was incredibly good, considering that the Chef was the classmate who often had much to say, with not much point to make. He thinks himself a borderline psychic having been guinea pig to a scientific experiment measuring the levels of intuition in men, and tested out highly. Now, he does things like wander up to people and saying "you're famous aren't you?" or "aren't you really good at something?". He knows a person for every occasion and every topic, and has infallible opinions on everything. I have another friend with similar traits who isn't psychically [sic] inclined, lets call him Herr. Herr is a wanker of the highest degree, which doesn't prevent him being one of my best friends. He's obnoxious, annoying, and never wrong, even if he is. I still love him. It's the psychic thing, I think, that makes Chef unbearable, although alright in the daylight hours and in small doses. He also flirts with women all over, and wonders why his girlfriend is the jealous type. Maybe the psychic intuition doesn't extend that far?

The other thing of interest [?] that came up was the way six degrees of separation seems to reduce to three-degrees, or even two, in terms of public schools kids. Nice guy in my class went to one of those posh boys ones where people wear tails or something. He's mates with the friend I had to pick up from Paddington, John, and also happened to have been in the same class as the boyfriend of one of the girls in our class. Meanwhile, John and I are good mates with two Cypriots, who are cousins to the best friends of the hostesses last night. AMAZING!

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