Monday, September 30, 2002

Argh. I've fallen into the Ebay trap. When I realised there was a new flat to move into [and therefore new needs], I went ebay crazy. Rather unfortunately, I depleted my chequebook. This meant I had to change the address of my account and then order a new one. This was viewed with real suspiscion by my bank, which I suppose I should appreciate. Rather unfortunately, this has led to my being blacklisted [or something] on ebay. The thing is, I wouldn't normally give a damn, but some weirdo *ahem* girl is giving me real stress about it. CHILL! Just tell me how much to pay you!!! Argh!!!

Anyhow, the beloved has just left and I must admit that it's making me a little moody. The work is piling up and I suppose I might as well go make the bad mood worse.

Oh - saw Road to Perdition last night. I was a little surprised about it. Sam Mendes did really well. I see nominations for Hanks, Law and the Kid, not to mention a lifetime contribution for Newman, but just don't think anyone really shone. Good film though. Totally watchable. And Law with a slashed up face? I've always like the whole marred-beauty thing.

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