Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Ah, Mondays.

Had an incredible weekend in Richmond. Dinner at Chez Lindsay, a restaurant I've always wanted to patron, which was fantastic. Lamb steak, verging on bleu. Incredible. Complete with very complimentary wine, which was just a lucky guess, I suspect. A walk by the river in a warmish drizzle before I dived into a gay bar to buy some wine at an extortionate rate. Ironically, Guy was barred from entry. No lusty interpretations catered for. Back to the casa to watch random television and chat before falling comfortably asleep. In the morning, Pop Rivals [the girls! You go, Janine! You're the only one with talent. Forgive me, Aimee, but I don't fancy jailbait]. Then that amazing view from Richmond Hill and a picnic[ish] in Richmond Park.

Have you ever loved a borough so much?

Quick sub blog here. On Halloween, Guy and I went for a quick meal at Kopitiam in Chinatown. Now, I cannot possibly describe the intense joy I felt to eat the ban mee there. Now, if you're not from South East Asia, the joy of home-made noodles is probably totally unknown. It's not really a gap year type of meal, and certainly not a tourists' snack. But it is heaven. No two ways about it. It is enough to make me give up all my vices. For a bit, anyway. If anyone is interested, this haven of complete, unadulterated pleasure is situated round the KFC corner from Trocedero. I intend to move in shortly.

After I'd converted Guy to the sins of ban mee [no easy task, let me tell you!], it was off to Quaglino's to meet Breeze. She had her advocacy exam the next day and was making a whole string of empty promises ["I won't get pissed", "I'll be in bed by one.."]. Either way, we ended up totally off our heads and back at mine. Poor Guy, whenever his head was turned we were chatting people up out of my bedroom window. I remember [vaguely] being in many a passer-by's Halloween snapshots.

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