Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Diesel Homage

I must say that there's something about Vin Diesel. I don't think he's particularly good looking or talented, in fact, I definitely disagree with both. However, there's just something about The Fast and The Furious [ie. the cars] and xXx [ie. the Xtreme stuntwork] that really gets me going. The passing resemblance to lost love and endearing speech impediment [steroids got your tongue, mate?] aside, the rumours of him swinging both ways add that air of mystery essential in a proper star. [you hear me, Jordan?]. Funny thing is, everytime I see Vin Diesel in anything, something occurs to bring on a fond memory. Rare for a action star to inspire emotion, I know, but he does!

anyway, this is a senseless blog by someone with nothing to say ...

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