Friday, October 02, 2009

Not So Open Minded

I've always been slightly amused by people's reactions to menstruation. To me it's one of those facts of life that people have to deal with, like wet dreams and acne. I don't understand why people are embarassed buying condoms, lube, sanitary napkins, tampons and junkfood. These things exist, are real life and just happen.

Having said that, I cannot deal with the picture in this article on Menstrual Activism (wtf?! There must be bigger issues). I have indulged in the odd lick of a wound or possibly even a dalliance in letting, but this totally turns my stomach. Maybe it's a consistency thing.


ADub said...

i just vomited a little..

JamTam said...

I know. Totally gross. There's going to be a whole book of those pictures. Yuck.