Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In a tribute to my all time favourite drinking game, and because I’m missing bonding with my friends, I thought I’d play a solitary version here.

Guess how many times I had to drink in this round, and let me know how many shots you’ve had too...

1. I have never participated in a rally or march
2. I have never lived for more than six months outside my country of birth
3. I have never picked up a person of the same sex in a bar
4. I have never stalked a celebrity (defined as having done anything out of your normal routine in order to stage an encounter, with a person whose name has appeared in a broadsheet newspaper)
5. I have never dated anyone for more than five dates for the express purpose of meeting a criteria that would involve dating more than six people to be satisfied. For example, dating one person for each day of the week, from each continent, to spell the alphabet, etc.
6. I have never kissed an animal
7. I have never auditioned for a part in a movie or reality TV show
8. I have never flamed a blogger
9. I have never had pet fish
10. I have never pretended to be Elvis.