Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Want some?

The Hubs and I went shopping after work this evening for prophylactics (guess where I learned that word?). Grabbing something innocuous to act as a cover, we headed over to the appropriate shelf, only to find it wanting. My sister picks this moment to call me, and I wander off to an area with better reception. I can see Hubs out of the corner of my eye, walking laps of the shelves as though the object of his desire will suddenly materialise.

I head back to him just as he cracks and asks the Cheery Pharmacist for help.

CP: there might be some out back, we're taking a delivery of stock at the moment.
SF: oh, that's ok, I'm kinda tired anyhow
CP, straight faced: do you have a headache?
SF: yes, and my hair really needs washing.
CP,SF: *giggling*
Hubs: *grunt* I think it's worth a look.
CP, to me: do you find it difficult to manage his expectations?
SF: it can take some doing.

She goes off to look and comes back filled with promise.
CP: I'll just get some scissors, there're about 50 boxes out back.
Hubs: I'll take 'em!
CP, to me: I guess you need more time to work on it...

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ADub said...

i can see him grunting..